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Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Mon Mar 22 01:38:34 UTC 2010

Have you looked at drupal as an alternative for the site?

	Sam Tetherow

T. J. Brumfield wrote:
> I'm looking for a few web gurus who would be interested in working on
> an open-source project.
> The end goal is to develop a Slashdot-style portal where stories
> appear on the front page, but also to provide a full integrated forum
> as well where end-users can create threads of their own as well.
> Obviously, I'm going to start with a LAMP stack, but I see two primary
> ways of going about this.
> 1 - Start with slashcode (the code that powers Slashdot written in
> Perl). I'd want to customize that a bit to add Lightbox support for
> image links, and perhaps add some AJAX/HTML5 sexiness. I don't believe
> anyone has ever integrated it with phpbb, so we'd have to get phpbb to
> read the slashcode user tables for login purposes, and to read
> karma/moderation statistics. Ideally, I want to carry over the
> slashcode-style moderation into the forum, where users can use
> moderation point to mod posts up or down there as well.
> 2 - Start with Wordpress (written in PHP), which has tons of existing
> themes and extensions to customize most of the functionality and
> appearance how I want. (I'll probably need to start with wordpress-mu
> to have different categories set up as different blogs with full
> subdomains, and then aggregate them at one primary portal). But that
> means developing the Slashcode-style moderation from scratch. However,
> there is existing code to integrate wordpress and phpbb.
> With either approach, I want the theme of the main portal to dip into
> some of the lovely features HTML5/canvas provides to encourage people
> using the site to use modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari,
> etc. Even IE9 would be fine when it is released.
> The whole project would be open source, probably releasing individual
> extensions for Wordpress/phpbb/slashcode separately, as well as the
> whole integrated project.
> I don't have much cash to hire developers outright at the moment, so
> I'm hoping to appeal to fellow open source advocates. However, if I
> get one (or a few) developers who crank out the majority of the code
> to make this happen, I'd gladly make them co-owners in the resulting
> site I plan to build on top of the codebase. There is zero guarantee
> said site will become profitable, but it is better than nothing.
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