[olug] Cox Business Pricing

nate nate at bluddclot.com
Wed Mar 10 06:42:30 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 12:25:12AM -0600, Will Langford wrote:
> DNS mirroring services ? Why ? :/

Just to save money. Maybe I used the wrong term. I just have my DNS
server with 'allow-transfer' to 3-4 different free dns services that I
signed up with. 

> Linode is on the slightly pricier side of VPS's, but have a great track
> record and are easily suggestable.
> If you like, there are plenty of other cheap VPS providers out there as
> well.

Yeah. I ran two VPS servers for a long time from 2 different companies.
I just got tired of the extra bill... Or, more accurately,
forgot about the second bill. This is how I found out how important it
is to have a backup SMTP server! 

(I was trying to take the 'secure' approach by only using one VPS for
some tasks and the other for others.) 

Previous to that I had one provider go out of business on me once.

Right now I use 'vpsvillage' which is the 'unmanaged VPS' service
offered by Grokthis.net. Very reasonably priced and they are actually
quite responsive to support requests. The only place I've ever called
and I got a line directly to the support guy with no menu or anything
like that. Very nice.

What I am really trying to advocate here is to do both. Get a VPS AND
get a unblocked internet access from your house. This way you can have
the fat internet pipe that a VPS can provide (without the corrisponding
$275/month top-teir cox bill), but also can have the control and large
amount of CPU/Memory that a home server can provide for fighting spam or
running script-heavy websites (and use a reverse cache'ng proxy on the

Either that or just get a second VPS, like you said. Either way: the
redundency is extremely valuable and certainly worth it. 

Right now I am looking at getting the lowest Cox business pricing. But
the Qwest DSL sounds very cool. If they don't have any anti-services
language in their terms of usage then I may switch. Especially if that
Fios is available! If that does not pan out then I'll just get another
VPS. Maybe Linode. 

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