[olug] Infotec, NFJS: Perl booth?

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Thu Jun 24 16:45:54 UTC 2010

The Perl Foundation is becoming more organized about attending non-Perl conferences worldwide. 


I dropped a line to NFJS asking about setting up a Perl booth in Des Moines.


Any OLUG interest in a LUG booth and/or a sharing a booth at NFJS? (Does a Des Moines LUG exist? The Des Moines Perl Mongers is alive but sleepy and I'm trying to stoke them into updating their website.)

Can any of you Infotec booth veterans offer any info about how booths work at Infotec? Can I throw some Perl stuff around in your booth?

I'm a booth-at-conferences newbie, so looking for feedback.

Also looking for other Perly Omahans that might want to help out for a few hours or more. Bueller?



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