[olug] Oracle and CentOS

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Wed Jun 9 19:37:03 UTC 2010

> Is anyone running Oracle on CentOS, and have any issues with Oracle support?
> 1. ((oracle && centos) && support=ok)
> 2. ((oracle && centos) && support=problem)

BryanLGH Med Center does/did.  Production machines run RHEL and development
machines run CentOS for near-binary compatibility.  BryanLGH has in-house
Oracle DB expertise, so support wasn't an issue with the basic database.
Other Oracle products like Collab Suite were a nightmare and support was
near worthless on either version of Linux.

I can't speak definitively to whether Oracle officially supports CentOS
or what they'd say if you called them with a problem, but I suspect they
wouldn't talk to you until you were able to duplicate the problem on
an supported OS.  That's kinda why they have a list of supported OSes,
after all.  In the dealings I had with Oracle support, I wasn't
terribly impressed.

I believe there are third party support and consulting companies that
will happily help you along on any similar OS, for a price.  In Omaha,
we found House of Brick (Mike Stone & Co) to be wonderful.

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