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Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 18:58:57 UTC 2010

Since Linux development uses git, i am sure there are many OLUG users
that would get a great deal out of this free workshop!

If you have svn repositories, you can still use git svn to get updates.

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On May 15, 2010, at 4:56 PM, Stephen Haberman wrote:
> Nonetheless, yeah, I'd have fun helping out with a workshop like this.
> I did a git/git-svn talk at OJUG back in January, and showed some
> basic "push from here, pull from there" stuff, but it definitely wasn't
> as cool/interactive as having people go through it on their own.
> Please keep me in the loop if you want to put something together.

So... maybe something like this?

Stephen is our git wizard and Our Boss. He controls the "official"
upstream repository and reviews all our changes.

All of us attendee worker drones are charged with a series of
"programming tasks". By "programming task" I mean things like "change
all the words 'yellow' to 'blue' in these 3 files" -- the focus of
this workshop is git, not actual programming.

Us worker drones each receive a series of these tasks. Some of them
are worked independently, some of them are worked in programmer teams.
Team project mean that 2-4 of us "split off" into our own little hub
of changes and then prepare a single commit for Stephen.

As we complete tasks we send "git pull" requests to Stephen and he
verifies or rejects our work. (And bails us out if we've screwed up

(After things go smoothly for a while and we all get comfortable,
trouble ensues. Some tasks will conflict with other simultaneous
tasks. Some tasks will reverse or alter or conflict with earlier
tasks. Some tasks will be rejected by Stephen, who has received new
orders from the customer, sending us back to fix it. No, we did not
get the memo.)

If this sounds interesting to people and Stephen is game, then I
hereby volunteer to write up the workshop scenarios. I don't have the
git skills to play the role of The Boss. But I can probably write up a
series of trouble-inducing tasks.

If you want to help me (or lead!) writing up the scenarios please say so!  :)

Stephen: Are you available for our July 13 meeting?


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