[olug] dual head vid cards

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Fri Jan 29 19:47:30 UTC 2010

> if you are  
> going to be keeping the analog monitors, you will have to find a video  
> card that has a DVI-I and not a DVI-D. DVI-I you can convert to analog  
> DVI-D you cannot.

Ooo, thanks for the tip.  I didn't realize that.

> Running the onboard + an expansion vid card depends on the  
> motherboard. Most of the stuff within the last six months 'should' but  
> not positively work.

Good.  That seems to be the consensus here.

> I'd plan on getting at least one digital LCD,

The current CRT's will be retained initially.  No TV in the office,
and no funds to buy LCD monitors (or extra TV's) until the CRT's die.

> and build a system with  
> dual onboard video. Performance would be the same, but overall cost  
> would be lower, and less power consumed.

Dual onboard video?  Never heard of such a thing.  Also, using
mismatched monitors for graphic design work is a nightmare.

> Anymore, I'd prefer to have a TV as a monitor using HDMI, even a 720p  
> will give you a decent resolution.

720p is decent?  Wow, you live in a different world than I do.
For photo editing, I curse at 1200 line resolution.  My current
setup is 1344 lines, which is a compromise beteween photo editing
and being able to read text on those damn web sites that hardcode
the font size because the entire world must be using the same
monitor that they are.

But this is about my dad and his 64-year-old eyes, not me.  For
him, 720 lines would be livable, but probably still subpar.

> If you want the DVI-vga adapters, I'll look to see what I have, I used  
> to have quite a few, and could possibly give you a couple. Most video  
> cards had one included in the box.

I didn't think about them coming in the box.  I might even have some
extras myself.  If I end up needing any, I'll give you a call.  Thanks.

And in case it matters, this will be running a Redmond distro.

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