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Dan Anderson dan-anderson at cox.net
Mon Jan 25 02:10:23 UTC 2010

Probably OT, but...

Back in the late-90's I was reading an article about BSD (demon mascot) and
Apple (the whole apple/darwin/etc thing) using satanic imagery...

I laughed out loud and my supervisor asked what I was laughing about.

I explained the premise of the article and he responded, "You know, they've
got a point, I've never been comfortable with all of that daemon, zombie,
mode 666 stuff either".

I choked on my coffee.

"All it takes is letting your guard down once and satan will find his way
into your heart."

So, while your mileage may vary, you might not want to mention to the flock
that the church website is powered by daemons, etc... Some people take that
sort of thing seriously and it's not necessarily easy to detect those that
will from a distance.


On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 7:33 PM, Kelly Williams
<kellywilliams81 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Had a meeting with the people that I was going to put this terminal server
> in they decided to go with a Micro$oft setup and they liked my idea but they
> wanted support with it. I told them there is plenty of support to go with
> Linux and the support is the open source community and all there to help. I
> told them also they don't need to have all the anti-virus software on every
> machine and don't have to pay for it every year. Their loss..
> Kelly
> On 1/23/2010 4:18 PM, irv wrote:
>> Tim & Alethea Larson wrote:
>>> On 1/22/10 7:33 PM, irv wrote:
>>>> I'm the pastor of a small church in NE Omaha. My office runs Linux for
>>>> 95% of the work I do. The only real work done in Windows is by our
>>>> treasurer, who uses Quicken.
>>>> If your IT friend would like to see what I do and how, specifically in a
>>>> ministry setting, I'd be glad to show him or talk with him.
>>> Now THERE'S a topic I'd like to see an OLUG presentation on!  :D
>>> Tim
>>>  I do most of my presenting on Sundays.  :-)
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