[olug] Local Open source projects?

Don Kauffman dekauff at cox.net
Sat Jan 23 21:04:47 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Does any one know of any local open source projects or have an idea for
one? I'd like to volunteer some time to a project that is GNU/Linux
based.  Preferably coded with Java or Python although I'm flexible
there. Just don't ask me to code with vb (ie. virus basic)! ;-)

Here are my desires:

1. I like to code and test what I've coded. I enjoy OSS and GNU/Linux
and feel like it's time to give something back to the OSS community. It
doesn't need  to be a really big project --- just something I can get my
teeth into.

2. If multiple people are working on the same project, I'd like to get
together occasionally. Hence my emphasis on local as in Omaha / Council
Bluffs with Lincoln being acceptably local as well. 

3. No corporate or government/military sponsorship. If I work for a
corporation, I expect to get paid for it. That is acceptable to me. What
I don't want is to spend my volunteer time on a project that primarily
benefits a corporate entity.

Here's what I'm not:

1. I'm not a big idea person otherwise I wouldn't be asking this
question. So I need a couple ideas to get started or an already existing
project that I can get excited about working with. 

2. I'm not interested in administering a project. My days of desiring
that are long gone. Now I realize that there's administrative details
that need taking care of and that's fine. FWIW, I don't want to get
stuck deciding who's doing what --- I'm interested in collaborating on
that aspect.

Let me know if you know of something that fits the above criteria. I'm
sure there are ideas and projects out there. I'm interested in hearing
about them. 


Don Kauffman 

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