[olug] CDMA Broadband Speeds

aric at omahax.com aric at omahax.com
Thu Dec 30 05:09:11 UTC 2010

I recently got an HTC EVO from Sprint and the internet connecting is only
about 300kbit per second.  Several years ago I had several Microsoft
phones on Verizon and was getting 1 - 2 mbit.

I am fairly disappointed in Sprints data speeds and considering switching
to Verizon.  On Verizon I used to be able to stream 700mbps video while
driving.  Now with Sprint I can't even do a 128 kbps mp3 stream on Winamp.
 Pandora works but it streams at an extremely low quality not suitable for
anything other than using the phones built in speaker.

My questions are

Has Verizon's network slowed down due to increased use or can I still
expect about 1mbit?

Does anyone know if Sprint's 4G will be in Omaha anytime soon?

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