[olug] Anyone apply for a ChromeOS laptop?

Jason Troy jason.troy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 23:10:52 UTC 2010

Applied after the announcement, it came Mon. No communication or welcome
I Bricked it getting it into dev mode same night. Hint, don't be a user and
pull the battery when it says not to. I was able to restore it, but found
through trial and error your USB MUST be EXT format.
It's basically a browser / shell.
It doesn't know how to handle some files (zip).
No ability to type extended ASCII
No Pg up / down
Light detection / auto adjust can seem strange when you have brightness
turned down and it gets brighter due to background light changes or shadows.
Hulu does fine, no netflix support yet.
Haven't figured out how to adjust the power settings, so screen goes blank
when watching a video, even when on AC power.
More to come ... maybe.

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