[olug] Viewsonic Gtablet

Jason N dashrender at cox.net
Mon Dec 20 22:30:17 UTC 2010

Why are they returning them? because of the cost?  and that they can't compete with the IPAD?  I might be interested depending on the cost.

---- jay swackhamer <reboottheuser at gmail.com> wrote: 
Are there any on the list contemplating a purchase of a Viewsonic Gtablet?

Staples/Sears are returning their inventory, so I've made inquires trying to
find out what is going to be done with those tablets.

I imagine that I will have to purchase them in quantity, but won't know
until I get a response from someone with authority.

I have flashed a co-workers Gtablet with the Vegan beta 3 rom, and it's a
very responsive/usable tablet afterwards.

Great hardware/bad software implementation.
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