[olug] Proxy server hardware requirements

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 21:44:19 UTC 2010

Slackware, DSL, centos, debian, any without graphical mode stuff installed,
etc... are all fine distros.  And can be fairly light if ya do some pruning
after installing them.  I would suggest a regular distro or one tailored to
the particular tool you're attempting to run (and use the tool as is
packaged by that specialized distro)... sometimes using a random off the
shelf distro can cause dependency hell (even if compiling from source) or
require other excessive hand-made tweaks.

As far as hardware, you've got what you need.  A k62/500 should be more than
enough oomf.  Annndd as a proxy, 40GB is prolly enough storage to be an
effective proxy just fine.

Now it's just a matter of picking your software :) ... of which you have
plenty of options as others have pointed out (including your original pick).

Let'er rip!

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