[olug] (OT) Any good April Fools jokes planned?

Trent Melcher trentm at q.com
Thu Apr 1 16:25:16 UTC 2010

Damn it,  This wont work for me. Im on septic   ;)

Can I use TiSP if my home uses a septic system? 
Sorry, but no -- TiSP requires the use of a central sewer system to connect
your home to the Internet.


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Well, if Omaha/CB does not get the fiber to the home, this would be a GREAT
2nd option.  
Craig Wolf

>>> "T. J. Brumfield" <enderandrew at gmail.com> 3/30/2010 >>>
I believe PowerStrip, and some video drivers allow for rotating the
video output 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

As for Google, I love their jokes every year, such as this one:


-- T. J.

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