[olug] help me you linux gurus

Awais Khan frontsidelockslide at gmail.com
Mon May 11 14:33:11 UTC 2009

I am now using the firefox plugin "DownloadHelper" that seems to do pretty
good with youtube

Now, I dont know if you guys know how ninjavideo does, but its kinda unique.

1:) They have you open a java applet, 2:) and then when you go to a video,
you also enter a captcha
3:) the videos are then rerouted at 127:0:0:1:some port number followed by
the actual address to the file on the internet

(so Dynatron, I don't think PLX would cut it cuz of #2 and #3 )

so i take it they are trying to stop people from just linking to their site,
thus their elaborate security. Just entering in the address into the address
bar doesn't cut it.

therefore the simplest way to get their videos is to buffer them to your HD
then store that stream.
It's super simple in windows, because Divx plugin for firefox has a save
feature (once the video is completely buffered)

I tried switching to VLC and getting rid of totem, but it doesn' seem to
work. I lose all playability that way
so for now, I am giving up. If I really want somthing from there , I just
jump onto a windoze machine

The plugins for firefox were a big help. This being a purely-entertainment
thing, I would hate to keep taking the community time with this. i will keep
trying different things, and if I get it, I will let you all know. Thanks

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