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Matthew Will mwill at midlandsnetworksolution.com
Mon Aug 31 02:01:47 UTC 2009

I have reviewed the nodaddy.com site.  I think you'll find any large
company will have sites that have the sole purpose of pointing out the
negatives.  Probably about every hardware and software company out
there.  Primarily of a negative experience they encountered.  I mean
hell, I've had my gripes with Network Solutions and Verio both.  But, I
still use them.

I stated in a previous post on this thread that I recommend GoDaddy but
I am only using Network Solutions as my registrar and SSL certs.  Just
my personal preference and trust in them.  I also use Verio and
Rackspace to hosting several sites.  They are not exactly cheap either
for servers I lease.  

I just wanted to include though that I've had to bale out a large number
of  businesses (usually small) because they decided to go with a "fly by
night" online hosting company or registrar simply because hosting cost
them $3/month for a domain only to find out their site wasn't performing
or services they were promised were not being delivered.  Cheaper is not
always better.

Another option:

I think there are some benefits of choosing a local hosting company
also.  There are several to choose from.  They may host your site on
local IPs or they may be simply reselling hosting services provided
through a larger company.  Needless to say.  If you're having issues
with them or not getting the support you need you can always knock on
their door.

I certainly always welcome everyones 2 cents.  So ProwL this was not an
attempt to overshout the message you were getting across or state that
fxdomains or wild west domains are not great providers!  Your links of
interest we perfect to add.

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Can't recommend against godaddy enough :) They are too abuse happy.

http://nodaddy.com is fyodor's site, and I find some of his arguments
and posted user testimony to be convincing enough.

I'm still struggling to find an acceptable registrar.
I recently purchased one from fxdomains, their parent company is wild
west domains. They use godaddy's admin panel, so the interface is the
same as godaddy. Just not the company. I'm happy with their service so

Links of interest:

Just my 2 cents.
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