[olug] I missed this one, just saw it

Kenny Kant kenny.kant at running-config.com
Fri Aug 28 05:47:38 UTC 2009

This just cracks me up.  I will admit that I am way out of date on this 
entire SCO thing but thats not what is funny to me.  What makes me laugh is:

/*"It is still our goal to exit bankruptcy and to emerge as a successful 
business that shareholders, customers, creditors and partners can depend 
on because of the value and integrity of SCO UNIX products and 
intellectual property. We appreciate shareholders, customers, creditors 
and partners who have continued to support us during this difficult 
time. In the meantime, we continue with business as usual in the 
development, marketing and sales of our SCO UNIX and mobility products."*/

To me SCO is dead and has been dead for years.  Maybe I am not up with 
the times but it seems that it's day has come and gone.  In addition 
there are bazillion bad-ass options for server operating systems that do 
not have the big shadow of  having to say "Hey dont worry we are working 
our way OUT OF BANKRUPTCY it will soon pass"


Charles.Bird wrote:
> http://sco.com/company/legal/letter_20090824.html
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