[olug] OT: 5.8Ghz + microwave?

charles.bird at powerdnn.com charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Tue Aug 25 19:01:04 UTC 2009

Works well, however, I need to stay away from 2.4Ghz area due to the noise floor in that band, legallitys, and also, its very near the resonate freq of water
I do have that juniper with 5.8 but looking for a non-ghetto link setup for this one :) I do love ghetto links, like dual polarity feedhorns and 1Meter reflectors shooting 15 miles off of 254milliwatt :D for the big 100Mb

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A well tuned/aimed 802.11b cantenna can do 1.5 miles......... 
I used it about 10? years ago to see how far away I could access a dorms
internet connection.

How does G or N work with cantennas.

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Looking for a cheap/used 100Mb+ system for a short(less than 1.5mile) PTP
5.8Ghz and above is what i'm looking for.
I can get cabling and antennas, just looking for NICs with radios/amps.

I know theres some RF people on here, thats why i'm posting.


PS:  I really want a 1GbE @ 80Ghz system, but...well you know, I also want
an Audi A8 too..and a Mitsubishi MU-2M, and a 32" diameter Dob
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