[olug] Looking for pre-built Linux desktops

charles.bird at powerdnn.com charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Tue Aug 4 03:52:42 UTC 2009

I know whom u speak of, its difficult to get a swing on your side in a debate with him....
Ever seen malicous js take down a linux host? Nope, windows? Yes.
Like saving execution states of a VM? Yes, want VMs running on top of windows? No. 
Ever seen windows take down the critical link between you and that one place? Not yet, but I bet I could make it happen by plugging in a certain usb device that I have marked with redtape and the letters "NO"
Standardization when it comes to windows is complete bullshit, posix? Nope, who writes drivers for all these windows devices? Especially vista, you'll have a ton of BSOD if you get a "cheap standardized vista machine", if anything wait till win7 final is out, or use XP. We quite using vista because it just plain sucked, the os itself was a bit bloated, it was the drivers that caused it, and then windoqws updates! I personally experienced 8 BSOD during one shift

I'm not bashing windows, well I kinda am, but I truely believe that its good to master everything

Throw Mr F for a loop and get a nice Cray or SGI work station, and then let me know what he drives so I can paste tux stickers all over his car :P. Jus kidding

It pisses me off when ppl talk about windows being a standard, its really not, it can try to conform to iso/ieee, example, look at ipv6 and windows, it sucked the last time I looked at it, perhaps the exception is 2008 server and the upcoming R2

Blah, sorry bout the pissy post

If u want to assistance, let me know, ill put in some time for free

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I'm looking for a pre-built linux desktop.  Looked at the Dell site...hard to find and then didn't find any cheap ones other than FreeDOS  OS...was hoping for Ubuntu/Kubuntu...(with Windows in a VM mode  already configured would be nice).

Boss was talking moving me to Windows....cheaper, easier to find machines.  Standardization  BS.


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