[olug] Recommendations for Lincoln NE

Jason Troy jason.troy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 19:39:27 UTC 2009

> approx 60% 84-88ms ping times
> approx 40% "destination network unknown) ??
> a smattering of "time out"
> 10-12 valid pings, followed by 5-7 "destination", w/ a time out every
> 3-4 rounds of the afore-mentioned. Initial ping tests had times from the
> high 200s down to the 70ms range with erratic numbers throughout the
> ping test, not just high at beginning....

I don't care much for Win-Tel, but that's simply due to the hot-potato
appearance of the company (changing names every few years).
Increase your ping payload size from the default to something large
and decrease your wait time to under 500ms - make sure you're sitting
near the router - maybe even plug right into the DSL to eliminate
wacky internal network. (this includes using your own cables.
Another thing to look at is a trace route. I'd be willing to bet the
issue is inside the network, not outside.

Of course, also double check your assumed connections. I've seen cable
work great for months, then go wonky. A closer inspection revealed
that "someone" plugged in the cable jack, but didn't screw it into the


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