[olug] $10 / 2GB MP3 player for Linux

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Mon Jun 30 23:17:59 UTC 2008

One thing is it is getting harder to find locally a decent open portable 
music player.  I got my iRiver iHP120 at Best Buy, but having recently 
cracked my screen I looked around at what is available locally in the 
large HD variety MP3 player and about the only two choice I have is the 
freedom hating Zune and the even more freedom abhorring iPod.  What's 
even worse is looking online I haven't found much that gets decent 
reviews other than the iPod in the > 20GB range.

Research is all well and good, but price and availability tend to be 
more of the driving force for many purchases.

	Sam Tetherow
	Sandhills Wireless

Luke -Jr wrote:
> On Monday 30 June 2008, Dave Rowe wrote:
>> I see what you did there, but I wouldn't call it a fair argument.  Linux
>> has a much wider market scope than home PCs.  Like Dell with Ubuntu, if
>> Amazon suddenly had an AmazonOgg, the chance for market penetration of Ogg
>> would be much greater.
> Vorbis has a much wider market scope than portable music players, too. I do 
> have an iPod Nano (it was free), but I rarely use it, so I really don't care 
> what formats it can play that much. Most of my music is played at home, with 
> Amarok.
> Anyhow, probably my main rebuttal to your argument is this: To ensure proper 
> Linux support, we need to research the hardware before buying it. Why is it 
> so difficult to research and buy only open portable music players too?
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