[olug] NX and KUbuntu

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Wed Jun 18 14:22:40 UTC 2008

I had been using NX to access my home GUI desktop since last fall and really
loved it (http://www.nomachine.com/ - check it out, great product).  At some
time during the run-up to Kubuntu 8.04 (and installing the Compiz
components) I found that I could not keep the desktop up for more than a few
seconds before it would error with "signal 11" errors.  I suspected it was a
problem with the pre-release 8.04 code and the NX client/server pieces so I
decided to wait.

Over the past weekend I downloaded all the latest NX tools and worked on it
some more.  It turns out that the Compiz extensions to KDE were not playing
well with NX and they were the root cause of my problem.  Since I don't use
the Compiz "eye-candy" stuff anymore I ran the following command to
completely remove it from my system:

apt-get remove --purge compiz*

After removing all the compiz pieces (about 25MB worth) I was able to bring
up an NX connection just fine.  Thought I'd write this here so that the next
time someone Google's for this answer they might stumble across this
work-around.  (I won't call it a solution since I'm sure there is a way for
NX to run without enabling Compiz...)

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