[olug] Upgraded to 8.04

Jennifer Frasier wookieburgers at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 15:39:33 UTC 2008

Well, I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 this weekend. The only issues I've
encountered are minor annoyances. Here's a list:

1. Everything looked really small. I tried to change my screen resolution
and it wouldn't let me. I was prompted to update the Nvidia accelerated
graphics card driver. I did that and my default screen resolution was
returned to normal, but it still won't let me change the screen resolution.
Of course, I don't need to now, but I'll have to figure this out if I ever
want to in the future.

2. This is kind of interesting. Mugshot won't recognize that I'm logged in.
The icon appears gray and when I click on it, it tells me to login. If I
right-click on it and select "My Mugshot Home Page," it goes there and I'm
already logged in. Additionally, I tried logging in to the website through
their login link. Same thing, the website shows me as logged in, but the
desktop icon remains gray. I did a little bit of research, and someone had a
similar problem in Dapper and was told to ensure they had the firefox
extension. I already have it. I can't find a lot of info when googling this

3. Another weird thing that happened since I upgraded, and I'm not sure what
this is related to: Gmail initially puts red underlines under all my
contractions, as if they're misspelled, then removes them later. The word
"wouldn't" above was underlined when I wrote it and for a little white
after, but now it's not. If I right click it while it is underlined to get
the "proper spelling," I get junk (every time this has happened, I
double-checked and made sure it was actually spelled right) ???

"Droll thing life is - that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a
futile purpose. The most you can hope from it is some knowledge of yourself
- that comes too late - a crop of unextinguishable regrets."
- Joseph Conrad from Heart of Darkness

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