[olug] Anybody using IPv6 yet? IPv6 over IPv4/Cox?

Drag Sidious linlamer at cox.net
Tue Feb 26 00:25:18 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-24 at 21:02 -0600, Luke -Jr wrote:
> 6to4 works just fine and is trivial to enable.
> No special registration or configuration needed.
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Ohhh. That looks cool.

soo.. I hope I got this correct; a router that supports 6to4 would allow
me to make a internal ipv6 network accessable from the ipv6-enabled
internet through a single ipv4 address?\

Of course if I make a ipv6 only internal network I'd have to also setup
my router to do translation from ipv6 to it's single ipv4 address.
Something like that.

I guess I just need to do more reading on it. But that 6to4 looks like a
good start. Thanks!

-- Nate

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