[olug] DHCP config

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 18:14:38 UTC 2008

Maybe ?  From the manpage:

       The server-identifier statement

         server-identifier hostname;

         The  server-identifier statement can be used to define the
value that is sent in the DHCP Server Identifier option for a given
         The value specified must be an IP address for the DHCP
server, and must be reachable by all clients served by a particular

         The use of the server-identifier statement is not recommended
- the only reason to use it is to force a value other than the
         value to be sent on occasions where the default value would
be incorrect.   The default value is the first IP address associated
         the physical network interface on which the request arrived.

         The usual case where the server-identifier statement needs to
be sent is when a physical interface has more than one IP address,
         the  one  being  sent  by default isn't appropriate for some
or all clients served by that interface.  Another common case is when
         alias is defined for the purpose of having a consistent IP
address for the DHCP server, and it is desired that the clients  use
         IP address when contacting the server.

         Supplying a value for the dhcp-server-identifier option is
equivalent to using the server-identifier statement.

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