[olug] Laptop Options 2 --- Using Intel graphics with Compiz.

Nate Moseman natemoseman at cox.net
Sun Feb 24 15:31:46 UTC 2008

For the record..

I have a Dell 1420n with X3100 and it runs Compiz fine. I am using
Debian unstable. Core2duo 2.0ghz, 160 gigabyte driver, 2GB ram and I
bought it for about $1K with a Dell coupon.

There are two major caveats to using Intel open source driver for
compiz. They are related to overlay issues with Compiz.

As you know opengl and xv use overlay mode to accelerate graphics. This
causes all sorts of heck with compiz. It does not make it unstable, it
just makes it ugly..

The xv issue was fixed when the Intel drivers changed their defaults
from using XAA 2D acceleration to EXA 2D acceleration. This was done
with the last release of the Intel graphic drivers. With this it's
possible to run accelerated 2D movies under Compiz. The performance
still needs optimizations. 

The opengl issue will not be fixed until things like DRI2 and/or
Gallium3D drivers are avialable.

Oh, and the Intel driver was not on the Compiz black list, It was on
Ubuntu's compiz blacklist because Ubuntu shipped somewhat broken

I've been enjoying Compiz on Intel graphics for quite some time.

-- Nate M.

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