[olug] sendmail help - speed up delivery from the queue

Ryan Stille ryan at cfwebtools.com
Tue Feb 19 23:04:40 UTC 2008

Ok, that MAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN setting is my sendmail.mc file.  I think I 
understand how this works, a sendmail.cf file can be generated from a 
sendmail.mc file.  I not sure mine ever has been.  When I used webmin to 
edit a few sendmail options, I saw that it added lines to the 
sendmail.cf file without ever modifying the sendmail.mc file.

So is there a corresponding setting in the sendmail.cf file that relates 
to the MAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN option in sendmail.mc?

Sendmail is so confusing...


Ryan Stille wrote:
> I've got 3000 messages in my queue, and they seem to be going out very 
> slowly.  These are all outbound messages, none are being delivered 
> locally.   When I do a ps ax|grep sendmail I see only two delivery 
> threads going at a time, and they are often both processing the same two 
> messages for quite a while (waiting for some timeout, I'm sure).
> I'd like it to be delivering using 10-30 or so outbound connections at a 
> time.  Can this be done?
> I have MAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN set to 12, so I thought it should be running 
> 8-10 delivery threads with that setting.
> Thanks,
> -Ryan
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