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i just need to get the DNS address from jay again.

for a great host, check out reboot the user.
that my recommendation.

i've heard a lot of good things about godaddy.
maybe the service is good enough they can afford to just show some tits for
price is my main concern. they seem to be quite competitive.

On 2/18/08, Dave Thacker <dthacker9 at cox.net> wrote:
> On Monday 18 February 2008 20:03:40 Shawn L. Djernes wrote:
> > I will throw my 2c in here.  I have used GoDaddy http://godaddy.com
> > since long before they could think of a SuperBowl Ad or having someone
> > in NASCAR.
> >
> > I have had great service from them.  When the system screws up and you
> > call them they are more then happy to fix the problem.
> >
> > They have added all the hosting / E-mail / etc.. to keep up with the big
> > boys but you can tell by the site when you are logged in that the main
> > game is still domains.
> I use pairnic.com.   The prices are okay, and they support perl,
> perlmonks.org
> and maintain a CPAN mirror.  The PWIW uses godaddy.  I have no problems
> with
> them, but prefer to vote my personal dollars to a registrar that
> contributes
> back to the communities I value.
> Dave
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