[olug] KDE 4 and FEDORA 9

Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Sat Feb 16 09:23:07 UTC 2008

Have WE had a presentation like this and I slothfully missed it?

Over this past weekend, I backported our rawhide kde-4.0.1 packages for fedora 
8. Lots (and lots!) of folks had been politely asking and waiting for that, 
and I aim to please. Now, upgrading to these is mildly painful, due to some 
now-missing dependencies, so if someone could write up some f8/kde4 upgrade 
instructions, FAQ, experiences, whatever, I'd be happy to post them somewhere 
prominently. Would be an easy way to help out and contribute, and garner many 
thanks (and a voucher from me for an adult beverage of your choice if/when 
you can catch me to collect).

Tonight, I'm looking forward to giving a short f9/kde4 demo presentation for 
the local Husker Linux Users Group. I'll start off showing at least the 
beginning of Aaron's most excellent kde4 release event keynote, and then just 
wing it from there, demoing various other bits of kde4 coolness, including 
kstars, marble, kwin desktop effects, oxygen beauty, phonon (dragonplayer), 


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