[olug] Router Need

Jaymz Ringler jringler at neinfosec.com
Fri Feb 15 15:06:26 UTC 2008

Craig Wolf wrote:
> Can't you set the DHCP server to hand out the same IP each time the Mac address is in range?  Then you can set rights on the network by that IP/MAC.
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That's what I was thinking..   If your medical machine always totes 
around with a ip address..    your cheap linksys router on 
the LAN port has      Then all you need to do is take it to 
each location and the WAN port will pull an IP from each networks DHCP 
server (assuming there is one in each location).    In each location's 
DHCP server, you could set a reservation to pull a specific ip 
designated by you (or the site administrators).  Then  you port forward 
or route traffic from the WAN side of your router to (the 
ip of your ultrasound) ..   Your Linksys router is guaranteed to receive 
the same IP in each location.    You can then simply make a host record 
in DNS at each location or edit the /etc/hosts or lmhosts file to always 
point their server to your reserved ip of your Linksys WAN port. 

It's reliable, predictable and I think satisfies your requirements.    
The only time it won't work is if someone spoofs the MAC of your router, 
which is easily done, but the likelihood of that is nill.

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