[olug] Allocating 3GB of memory for the JVM?

swanpoint swanpoint at cox.net
Tue Feb 12 05:50:12 UTC 2008

x86-64 (x86 w/ 64-bit extensions

there's a difference a 64-bit ISA vs 32-bit ISA w/ extensions (for large 
memmory addresses.)

Mostly all, if not all, current HP/Dell/IBM, x86 hardware is of the 
x86-64 type.

Most of the Supermicro and Tyan boards support this hardware type.

It's then a matter of getting an x86-64 enabled Linux distro that 
supports the x86-64 enabled application software.

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Ryan Stille wrote:
>> Is there such a limitation on Linux? (32 bit CentOS)  We're considering 
>> switching one of our severs if we can easily allocate 3GB or so, without 
>> resorting to any 64-bit hassles.
> *any* OS will have a limit.
> *any* 32-bit OS will have a limit in the 2GB to 3GB range.
> Except for very very rare kernels 32-bit x86 Linux machines have a
> 3GB/1GB user/kernel split.
> IMO it is inevitable that you switch to a 64-bit OS & JVM

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