[olug] Asterisk consultants and local voip providers

Jaymz Ringler jringler at unitedtransport.net
Thu May 31 16:01:08 UTC 2007

> Small business, 10-15 extensions.  I have been working on setting up an 
> Asterisk server in house here, which we will want to hook up to a 
> provider and port our existing phone number to.  Currently we use IP 
> phones with virtual PBX service from Teliax.
That's about the size of my office.  


> On their website, for the BYOD plans page, under requirements it says 
> "To take advantage of the savings offered by our VT_Unlimited plan, you 
> must have *Residential* Broadband Ethernet Internet Access (Cable Modem 
> or DSL)" - so are these plans not for businesses?  I don't know why they 
> are specifying a *residential* broadband connection as a requirement.

That BYOD thing is somewhat confusing.   They have an unlimited home
plan as well.   Just ignore that.    When you order the lines it all
comes clear.  

> I think 4 concurrent calls would just barely be enough.  I'll have to 
> ask them what it takes to get more concurrent calls.  I had heard that 
> faxing through Asterisk was very problematic, so I'm pleasantly 
> surprised to hear you've had success with it.  At some point we'd like 
> to drop our analog fax line.

You can always order another set of trunks.    4 concurrent calls (2 sip
trunks) are $43.00/month

Viatalk  ported our remote office number and fax line to sip trunks in
about 10 days.   The faxing works flawlessly.   We receive about 100
pages per day and send about 25 pages per day using a linksys ATA
connected to a konica bizhub. 

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