[olug] Asterisk consultants and local voip providers

Jaymz Ringler jringler at unitedtransport.net
Thu May 31 14:43:35 UTC 2007

Ryan Stille wrote:
> Are there any asterisk consultants on the list?  Or do you know of 
> someone that does asterisk work?
> Does anyone know of a local company that provides viop/sip that supports 
> asterisk?
> Or if not local - any other recommendations?  Hopefully someone that is 
> just a few hops away from Cox.
> Thanks,
> -Ryan
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what are you trying to do with asterisk..   what's the scope of the
project. ?? 

As far as providers..  I have a bunch of viatalk trunks.   I've had no
problems with them in 6 months.  Great quality. ====== www.viatalk.com

We're on the Bring Your Own Device Business plan.   It gives you 2
trunks with 2 different numbers.  Each trunk is good for 2 concurrent
calls.     One of the lines is supposed to be a fax line but we use it
as a second line.    Faxing over viatalk sip => Asterisk is flawless.  
Another nice thing about viatalk is that they don't put a "softcap" on
your usage.  Most VOIP providers limit you to about 2500 minutes per
month.   Viatalk doesn't.   They're absolutely wide open.    

I installed viatalk trunks and asterisk servers in 4 small businesses I
consult here in Lincoln.

I have 2 hangups with viatalk.   1.  They don't allow you to change your
outbound cid.   and 2. they don't have local numbers in Lincoln.   (the
Omaha numbers are 402-216-XXXX <http://www.snapanumber.com/> and
402-403-XXXX <http://www.snapanumber.com/>)

Hope that helped. 


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