[olug] Omaha-area Datacenters/Colocation

S. Farnam ubertux83 at gmail.com
Fri May 25 03:28:55 UTC 2007

Hello OLUG!

I was skimming over Google's search results for a few Omaha-related searches
and OLUG popped up.  I figure this is a good place to ask a few questions.

1)  Are there any respectable datacenters in town?  Specifically I'm looking
for carrier-neutral (or at least multi-homed) colocation centers.  I've got
two rackmount Gentoo boxes that need a static-IP home.  Also, decent
bandwidth is a must.  :) (Anywhere from 10-20Mbps would be nice for the
mirrors I'm going to run.)

2)  Are there any coder groups in town?  I'm starting to get into Python,
Java, etc.

Thanks for your time.  It's nice to find fellow *nix geeks in the metro
area. :)


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