[olug] ColdFusion Job Opening

Jake Churchill reynacho at gmail.com
Mon May 21 03:40:42 UTC 2007

I work at CF Webtools (http://www.cfwebtools.com
<http://www.cfwebtools.com/> ) and we are currently looking for ColdFusion
developers.  There is a post on our website for an Intermediate to Advanced
level developer.  You can view that here:
839C.  I also know that my boss would be interested in picking up an entry
level person.  If you know anything about web development (php, perl, asp)
you would definitely be considered for the position.  If you are interested,
contact me (reynacho at gmail.com) or Mark Kruger (mkruger at cfwebtools.com).
Send a resume along if you can.


FYI, about the entry level position, my boss mentioned that he'd even
consider something part-time so if you are a student, this would be an
AWESOME way to get some experience.  



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