[olug] Introduction

Luke -Jr luke at dashjr.org
Thu May 10 17:25:00 UTC 2007

My family and I are looking to move to the Omaha area within the next 2 
months. A little about us: My wife and I are 22 years. We have two children 
so far, the older of which is a little girl 1½ years old. Her sibling is 
approximately -½ year old at this time, and his/her gender is unknown. We are 
a Windows-free household (Gentoo is the primary OS on most of our PCs). I am 
a developer for the Utopios project* (and a former developer for Gentoo) 
along with many other projects (such as Armagetron Advanced) which I 
generally don't have time for these days. I am a strong proponent of Free 
software, even moreso than Richard Stallman, though being a faithful Catholic 
I do accept my lack of authority to assert non-free software as being 

Before we can make the move, we do need to find both a job for me and a house. 
If any one knows of any job openings in the industry (preferably not having 
to deal with Windows, or at least not use it myself) or a home (minimum 3 
bedroom) in a safe, quiet neighborhood for sale/rent/rent-to-own, we'd 
appreciate it if you could send a link or possibly reference me. My latest 
resume is available at:

A potential problem I expect we'll encounter is Cox Communications. From what 
I have read, they seem to be very problematic compared to Time Warner here in 
KC: they block important ports (25, 80, etc) and prohibits "servers" in the 
AUP, apparently are unreliable (posts on this list imply rebooting monthly!), 
especially with VoIP (which all our phones are) and include merely one 
dynamic IP with residential service. Compared to TW's residential service 
(servers allowed, 4 IPs included, $42/mo)... I'm not sure how I'll handle 
this change. Are there any options besides Cox?

Thanks and God bless,


* Utopios is a new OS similar to Gentoo and Kubuntu, but addressing the 
deficiencies in both; currently no website since our time is better spent 
writing actual code until we have something usable ;)

P.S. whoever admins the mailing list server *PLEASE* stop using bogus lists 
like DNSBL. There is no legitimate reason to drop email just because the mail 
server's IP is only semi-static. Use real spam blacklists instead...
(As for using TW's mail servers, that loses my ability to verify delivery and 
they also get listed on the real spam blacklists for actual real spam; 
besides, LUG members should be more than capable of keeping their email 
servers secure better than their ISPs!)

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