[olug] dual dvi card

T M to.the.brink at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 07:48:29 UTC 2007

hi all,

i've been running linux at home/work since the mid 90's, and am
finally having a hardware problem.

in my p4 dell box, my nvidia 6600GT dual dvi agp card runs fine.  the
card uses a direct power cable from the power supply, just like a hdd.

the same card in either of my amd hp boxes causes the machine to
freeze very early in the power up stage.  thinking that power supply
was in adequate i bought a couple different ones with the correct
specs from Fry's. but this did not solve the problem.

all previous video cards ran fine in all my boxes, the latest being a
dual dvi agp card, an nvidia quadro4 980 xgl -- which was good for

any suggestions?  my pref would be to keep the 6600gt and get it
running in one of the boxes, which are more quite than the dell box
and have adequate memory.

if i need to put more than say $120 into this, i'll just wait for a
deal on a dell pcie system.

any new video card would need dual dvi ports, and be capable of
supporting two 1920x1200 panels.

thanks in advance,

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