[olug] Need help in Omaha

Christian Fischer vagabundo.chris at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 20 13:43:54 UTC 2007


I am living in the Dominican Republic and have a Linux server in Omaha in the data-center of a telecom-company.

On this server I need sometimes a little bit help, what I cannot do remote.

For now I need a new installation on a server (prefered CentOS 4).

I think the admin in the telecom-company has not so much experience and he has tried to make the installation, but the server does not boot after installation. He tried a lot of times without any result.

Now I search a person in Omaha to make the installation for a fixed amount if possible.

If you have the knowledge and you are interested, please make me an offer for this work or perhaps you know a person which can do this, please send me a contact-email.

Thanks, I am glad to hear somthing from Linux user group.


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