[olug] Archiving email.

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Wed Feb 14 01:26:19 UTC 2007

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Sean Kelly wrote:
>> What are you using? Dovecot, Courier, UW? I tried using Dovecot, but
>> it was painfully slow. I have 6.1GB of mail, and the initial sync was
>> painful and some MUAs also cried when they had to open each mailbox
>> as well.
>> Also, using Maildir, mbox, or proprietary as the backend? I've tried
>> both mbox and Maildir. While I see the advantages of Maildir, it
>> feels like a serious waste of inodes and has higher overhead due to
>> all the open()/close() shuffling.
> "Proprietary" backend - I'm using Cyrus IMAP, authenticated via LDAP
> with Exim delivering messages via LMTP.
+1 for cyrus although I use Postfix for delivery
> My experience is that Maildirs served via IMAP suck when you have more
> than a couple hundred messages in a folder, and mboxes have this problem
> with multiple login sessions. Neither are a problem with Cyrus.
> Indexed maildirs with Dovecot have the potential to not suck, but
> Dovecot still has a lot of maturing to do, when compared to Cyrus.
> IME there are 2 drawbacks to Cyrus:
>  a) It uses SASL for authentication. Black magic and flying rubber
> chickens abound!
It has definately gotten better over the years, I've been a cyrus user 
since 98'.  apt-get has made it much easier to get up and running.

>  b) The *only* ways to access your messages are IMAP and POP3
grep works just fine in the directories ;)

Not sure what other format you want to be able to access them with.

    Sam Tetherow
    Sandhills Wireless

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