[olug] dvd playing on OpenSuSe 10.2

T M to.the.brink at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 04:35:45 UTC 2007

>  Anyone have words of wisdom on how to get DVDs playing on OpenSuSe
> 10.2?

i download mplayer files from the mplayer website and follow their
instructions, which is to say i never install the suse version of

for a dvd copied to hard disk

dd if=/dev/hdc of=The_Endless_Summer.iso

mplayer -v -aid 128 -dvd-device The_Endless_Summer.iso dvd://1

mplayer -v -aid 128 -dvd-device AnselAdams.dvd.iso dvd://3

with the final digit determined by trial and error

or to play it straight from the disc:

mplayer -v -aid 128 -dvd-device /dev/hdc dvd://1


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