[olug] Linux utilities to unformat / unerase / scavange digital camera flash memory cards?

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Mon Dec 31 04:51:26 UTC 2007

My dads Olympus digital camera decided to reformat the flash card right 
*AFTER* taking all the Christmas photos.  :-(

I found the "foremost" utility (http://foremost.sourceforge.net/) which 
can analyze drive
images, but it couldn't find anything. As a test, I used my camera 
phones 64MB flash, and
it did find the images.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?  I did get a copy of the flash 
image (dd if=/dev/sdd of=flash.backup.dd), and a quick check usin "od" 
showes that it's not just filled with zero's, but the common JPEG 
headers (0xffe1 or 0xffd0) don't show up anywhere...

It's FAT16 so if anyone knows of a FAT16 editor for Linux or Windows I'd 
appreciate the pointer.


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