[olug] The OLPC

Jared Blecker jb7852 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 02:11:43 UTC 2007

My OLPC arrived today and I thought I should share some information about

Build: All plastic, no vents, no fans, no moving parts, rubber membrane
keyboard is sealed, runs cool, should be able to withstand some serious

Screen:  This has to be the most innovative part of the entire laptop.  Its
has two modes, a LED backlit color mode, and a super high resolution
reflective greyscale mode.  The quality of the color mode is mediocre,
however the greyscale quality is amazing.

Software:  This takes a few minutes to figure out.  After that its quite
easy to find your way around.  I did find out that the OLPC doesn't
currently support WPA(2), however its does work, but not very well.

Camera: Quality isn't that great, but what do you expect for a 188$ machine.

I will reply with more information later.

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