[olug] MPAA Forced To Take Down University Toolkit

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Tue Dec 4 06:58:43 UTC 2007

 I'm really thinking Matthew Garrett ought to fine them $1000/download 
of the software as a fine for their IP violation.  :)

    Sam Tetherow
    Sandhills Wireless

OBrien, TG wrote:
> Due to GPL violation! Bring on the LOLz..
> http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/12/04/015229
> To clarify, the ISP hosting the web site took it down; because no one at
> the MPAA would reply to the attempted contacts by the developer. Nice that
> they are using the same tactics that they are suing their customers for.

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