[olug] Room for training

Jim O'Gorman jameso at elwood.net
Wed Apr 25 15:05:14 UTC 2007

It looks as if I will be teaching a local SANS forensics class in Aug
through Oct that leads toward a GCFA certification. (Similar to
http://www.sans.org/mentor/#s508, just in Omaha.)

What remains is to secure a location for the training.

If anyone has any advice on location, or can offer up a location that we
might be able to make use of that would be great. As a bit of incentive, if
you would like to attend the training and can provide a room, SANS offers
admission at the rate of $500 as opposed to the normal rate of $2,495.

Any suggestions on location, or if you could provide a location, please let
me know. Having been through the course myself, it is an extremely
interesting low level course on computer forensics with Linux and various
open source tools as the base tool set for the investigation. Lots of work
with playing with file system internals and data structures, time line
creation, etc etc. I personally believe it has value outside of forensics as
well, as you learn a lot about what is happening under the layers of
abstraction we are presented with every day.


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