[olug] Business P2P file transfering

Trent Melcher trent at wispair.net
Wed Apr 25 00:31:30 UTC 2007

I would look at using torrent,  here is an article on the subject.



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i want limited partner encrypted p2p  as well.  Why?  Cox does not
provide enough upstream bandwidth, but if two peers on cox.net have
the same file, then i doubled the bandwidth for a third node.  Plain
ftp clearly does not do this.  Second, i want to limit the peers that
have access and went so far as to pull down the source code to
azureus.  So the second best way to limit peers may be Hamachi.

Hamachi is not open source, but cross-plaform.   Does NAT Traversal.
  Very easy to use, but make sure to double check and verify that
encryption is enabled.

Data only goes through Hamachi's servers iff NAT traversal fails -
very rare.  Otherwise, the speed between any of the nodes on the
5.x.y.z subnet is as fast as the physical medium between the two.   I
can easily browse samba shares with it over cox.net.

If rsync can pull from two peers simultaneously, then that would be awesome.

On 4/24/07, Todd Christopher Hamilton <netarttodd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is anyone using P2P type file transfer systems to transfer large data
> files between remote offices or client sites?  My company provides a
> cross organizational / cross system interface between medical
> facilities.  We use a server based (hub and spoke) file transport
> method but I am looking for something a little more 21st century.
> Nodes need to work behind NAT, there would be a single node that
> originated the data and one or two nodes that would receive the data.
> Of coarse this would all need to be done programmaticly.  Any
> suggestions?
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