[olug] Question: package / system for administrating multiple very similar systems ?

Jim O'Gorman jameso at elwood.net
Sat Apr 21 03:36:01 UTC 2007

For the heck of it, I put up a system I created and am using on sourceforge
a couple of weeks back: https://sourceforge.net/projects/autodeploy/

I use it in order to enforce repeatable builds across my systems. Idea is to
do the work in the creation of the templates, and never have to do any work
on the individual systems at all. Give it a look and see if it might help
you at all. As I said, I am using it with success, however I do not know or
think anyone else has ever given it an attempt.


On 4/20/07, Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com> wrote:
> 'lo!
> Got a question that you guys have experience with.  I work for a company
> that has a few dozen linux servers running in the field across several
> states.  All of these systems share a common parent (ghost
> image).  Whenever
> there's a network wide change to be made that is applicable to all of the
> systems, it currently requires us to log into each system and perform the
> update.  With an ever growing number of systems to manage, the time it
> takes
> to do a global update can be several hours.
> Is there a pre-built 'update' system that will fetch new updates from a
> central source and apply them as they're discovered (at some set interval
> from cron or something) ?  The updates will all be custom built by us.
> Our remote systems are running RH 9.0 with many modifications to suit our
> needs... so an rpm based solution would be fine.  Yes, RH9 - they've been
> in
> service for that long... and I believe one of our systems has a 400+ day
> uptime currently :).
> The ideal solution would be something that's fairly simple and not overly
> complex.  Packages themselves can be configured to self-determine if
> they're
> required to be run on the server they find themselves on.
> I've been a command line dweller for about 10 years, so I should have
> adequate experience to set anything up, but if it requires more than 2
> hours
> of my time to get a skeleton up, it's out of the question.
> A few of the automatic systems I only gave a passing throught to would be
> up2date and yast... both of which seem like they might be a bear to
> configure... or well beyond our needs.  I could be wrong though ?
> -Will
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