[olug] Installing dpkg

Daniel Linder dan at linder.org
Thu Apr 12 17:07:04 UTC 2007

On Thu, April 12, 2007 12:03, Kevin Lanik wrote:
>   1) busybox vi is broken: backspace and delete send funny characters,
> which
> is not insurmountable but does make me want to install a full version
> (which
> I have plenty of room for).

Just out of curiosity, does busybox use the $TERM environment variable? 
Could it be that you need to try a different TERM when you're on the
system?  Check in /etc/terminfo, /lib/terminfo/*, and
/usr/share/terminfo/* for available definitions, then run:
TERM={term_type_chosen} vi /file/to/edit
And see if backspace/delete work properly.

>   2) busybox dpkg is broken: using dpkg and dpkg-deb results in random
> badness, segfaults and quiet failures. End result is that unloading .debs
> is
> out of order at the moment. I think this one is the key to all the other
> issues because if I can get a working dpkg up and running I could use it
> to
> install everything else.

That's not good -- can you verify the busybox dpkg binary is correct?

> With those things in mind, what are some suggestions for where to start on
> getting packages installed? Should I try to find a binary version of ar or
> dpkg (non-broken) in another distro and pull that over? That's what I'm
> considering at the moment, but I wanted to see if there were any better
> ideas out there. Thanks!

I'd start with dpkg first -- once you get it fixed the others will be a
lot easier.


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