[olug] New Email Address, Server inquiry....

Mario Steele nixmario at ruby-im.net
Sun Sep 17 10:12:47 UTC 2006

Hey All,

This is Mario Steele, I ended up deciding that instead of relying on my
trilake.net email address, and whatever Email Client I have available to
read my OLUG stuff from, I decided to go with my other Domain Name, which is
hooked directly into Google Mail's Beta Hosting for Domain Names, to get
OLUG Stuff from.  So I am un-subscribing my previous email address, and
strictly using this one for OLUG Stuff.

Now, me and a friend are setting up some Server hosting for a few clients of
ours, and we're looking into getting our hands on some server hardware.  I
was wondering if anyone out there has some good suggestions on where to look
for, or if someone has some, Rack Mount Servers, with RAID Card interfaces,
that can run Windows 2003, and Ubuntu Linux on for some Hosting needs.  Any
and all suggestions or offers are welcome!

Mario Steele

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