[olug] starting user apps in FC5

Adam Lassek adam.lassek at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 18:15:06 UTC 2006

If you're using Gnome, you can go to Desktop->Preferences->Sessions
and add programs in the "Startup Programs" tab.

On 9/15/06, thelarsons3 at cox.net <thelarsons3 at cox.net> wrote:
> I've started using Fedora 5 and haven't been able to get the apps listed in my .xsession file to run automatically when I log in.  But, FC5 uses GDM which I don't think I've used before, so maybe that is making a difference; I don't know.  I've always been able to get my apps running by editing .xinitrc or .xsession before.  Any ideas?
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