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Nick Veys psylence519 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 02:26:57 UTC 2006

I would think 0400 on a config file, if the web server needs to write
to it then 0600 but its best to leave it 0400 til you need to write to

On 9/14/06, Craig Wolf <cjwolf at mpsomaha.org> wrote:
> Ok, first...GREAT presentations this week!  Hats off to John & Adam!!  :)
> Question though, it was mentioned that the rights on the, I think, configuration.php needs to be changed...what SHOULD the rights be then?  I have FINALLY got a nice site up and I am working on getting it cleaned up BUT don't want to have to cleanup a hack job by some script kiddie.  Thanx!!
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