[olug] ready to kill (Windows XP)

nealr neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Mon Sep 11 05:04:24 UTC 2006

  I'm getting on a plane tomorrow, don't have a lick of time for any 
bullshit, and my new IBM Thinkpad X30 has cleverly decided that I need 
the numeric keypad on as soon as I log into the machine. This isn't a 
hotkey on the keyboard itself - it appears to be soft configureable, but 
I have no idea how it got activated, nor is there any obvious means to 
turn it off.

  I did spend some time earlier today with a spare 12 gig drive which 
was quite noisy, but it now has a working SuSe 10.0 install on it and 
vmware hosting Wintendo so I can use Visio 2003. I have some horrible 
video perf problem to overcome before this gets done to the nice, quiet 
60 gig drive in the new Thinkpad ... and none of this helps me between 
now and flying out tomorrow.

  Anyone have a big ol' shot of Windows debullshitter handy? This has 
got to be something stupid and small, but there isn't a 'no stupidity' 
button, nor any other obvious control with which to turn this thing off.

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